Meet Girl Pow-R

About the Band

Girl Pow-R is the freshest all-girl, pop rock group of girls, ages 11 to 16, who debuted their first original single KRISI on November 24th. The single is accompanied by a full-length music video shot entirely around the city of Toronto. This group of very talented young girls write music, sing, dance, and play instruments; they are truly an example of a modern, talented band. Girl Pow-R’s sound is rooted in pop rock, with the goal of inspiring others to be their best, through their music and lyrics.

Since May 2017, the group has performed over 55 shows gaining fans of all ages. Additionally, their amazing vocals and energetic performances earned Girl Pow-R a 2017 Toronto Independent Music Award Nomination for KRISI, and they won First Place at a Family Channel competition this summer.

The Message Behind the Music

Too often, young people are influenced by the thoughts and life experiences of singers and musicians who are in their late teens and their 20’s. It’s time to give young people an alternative to these messages. That is what Girl Pow-R has set out to do.

KRISI has a strong message that the girls in Girl Pow-R are passionate about sharing. The struggles they have experienced personally, and seeing that life changes dramatically in school as we move from childhood into adulthood, has inspired the Girl Pow-R girls to launch this song to help other young people.

Supporting Social Causes

The Girl Pow-R band was originally launched in conjunction with International Women’s Day in support of #BeBoldForChange to provide an opportunity for the voices of young women in the pre-teen to early teen years to speak to their peers in a fresh, new voice. The group has a unique mission to inspire young people and to support social causes with their music, positive messages, and age-appropriate lyrics.

This passion has also inspired each and every member of Girl Pow-R to do more, and to actively participate in a social cause. The social causes that Girl Pow-R is passionate about are an extension of this song KRISI.

The girls hope that their audiences will embrace the changes needed to help improve the world and inspire others, and make the world a better place through the messages delivered in the Girl Pow-R songs.

Personal Missions and Advocacies

In addition to a passion for music, each girl in the group also has a social cause that they represent like advocating for better education for girls all around the world, youth homelessness, or all of us taking better care of our health through the foods that we eat.

Music & World Issues

Humanity & Adversity

The music and the storytelling amplifies what’s good about each neighbourhood that the girls visit. By looking for the humanity in each problem, and celebrating the unsung heroes, Girl Pow-R is able to overcome obstacles, crush adversity and leave a wake of happiness and resilience in each community.


Meet the girls


Social cause: Children’s Health / Racial and Gender Equality

Meet Kalista, a 16-year-old Jamaican-English-Canadian sensation with dreams of performing alongside Beyoncé. A winner of Oshawa’s Got Talent 2015, Kalista’s journey in music is marked by her soulful vocals and electrifying performances, inspired by icons like Little Mix and Lizzo. Recognizable for her natural curls styled in protective hairstyles, she embodies confidence both on stage and off, with a keen sense of fashion and daring makeup looks. Beyond her artistic pursuits, Kalista is deeply committed to advocating for Children’s Health and Racial/Gender Equality, driven by personal experiences and a belief in making a difference. Her life motto, “Why be ordinary, when you can be extraordinary,” perfectly captures her essence as an artist and an advocate.


Social cause: Give Peace a Chance

Carina is a 17-year-old Italian-Canadian dynamo, blending her talents as a singer, songwriter, recording artist, and dancer with an unmistakable style marked by her signature bow and winged eyeliner. Drawing inspiration from powerhouse artists like Ariana Grande and Dua Lipa, Carina’s musical journey began at the tender age of 2. A natural on stage, she’s not just a performer but a creator, contributing choreography and harmonies to Girl Pow-R. With a father as a musician and music teacher, Carina’s love for instruments and musical theatre was inevitable. Beyond the stage, she champions the Give Peace A Chance Movement, expresses her creativity through makeup, hair styling, and fashion, and runs a tie-dying Instagram account. Known for her flower girl aesthetic and retro style, Carina’s vibrant personality and leadership qualities make her an indispensable glue in Girl Pow-R.


Social Cause: Feeding the Homeless

Aashika, a 13-year-old Indian-Canadian, excels as a singer, songwriter, dancer, and pianist, inspired by talents like Sabrina Carpenter and Zayn Malik. Known for her curly hair and love for stylish accessories, Aashika has made significant strides in music and dance, evidenced by her achievements in various competitions and her level 6 piano proficiency. She enriches Girl Pow-R with her musicality and creativity, while also engaging fans through covers on Instagram and YouTube. Beyond her artistic endeavors, Aashika is passionate about helping the homeless, advocating for acts of kindness and support to instill hope and joy in those less fortunate. Her commitment to giving back highlights her compassionate spirit and belief in making a difference beyond the stage.


Humane Society

Each neighborhood is an adventure, with a world issue impacting the lives of young people, waiting behind every door. Will the problem be solved, or will it fail miserably?

The girls win over cranky and cantankerous characters, and even learn a thing or two from individuals about how to make even the most challenging day into a success story.

Have a listen to our


Murphy’s Law is King!

The girls and the viewers are put in situations where Murphy’s Law is king.

• Instead of homes for 5 newborn kittens, they find out it’s actually 50 abandoned and starving cats and kittens.

• Instead of providing a few meals to 3 homeless people on a corner, word spreads and 100 homeless people show up for holiday dinner.

• Instead of bringing in special treats to the nursing staff in the children’s ward, the whole nurses’ lounge has been erroneously destroyed by a demolition crew that went to the wrong floor.