Girl Pow-R

Saves the World

  • Reality Web Series. Real Band of Girls.
  • “Powerpuff Girls” meets “Mr. Rogers”
  • Tax credits. Low budget.
  • Our team includes female, minority, indigenous, disabled, multi-lingual.

Saving the World

Girl Pow-R Saves the World, is a children’s web series that takes the Girl Pow-R crew into neighborhoods, lives and predicaments to help solve world issues.

What happens when the Girl Pow-R crew has only 48 hours to figure out how to house 50 abandoned kittens, or feed 100 homeless people a nutritious meal or make sure there’s enough money and resources to redecorate the nurse’s lounge in the children’s ward in the local hospital.

Through the power of music and community engagement, Girl Pow-R reaches out and finds unique

ways to gather the resources to fix these problems. Each girl in the group has their own, individually-chosen social cause or world issue, and they utilize these connections, ideas and young people in each neighborhood to mobilize the crew and take action. Their trials and tribulations become a model for other young people to emulate and implement around the world.

Music & World Issues

Humanity & Adversity

The music and the storytelling amplifies what’s good about each neighbourhood that the girls visit. By looking for the humanity in each problem, and celebrating the unsung heroes, Girl Pow-R is able to overcome obstacles, crush adversity and leave a wake of happiness and resilience in each community.

Murphy’s Law is King!

The girls and the viewers are put in situations where Murphy’s Law is king.

  • Instead of homes for 5 newborn kittens, they find out it’s actually 50 abandoned and starving cats and kittens.
  • Instead of providing a few meals to 3 homeless people on a corner, word spreads and 100 homeless people show up for holiday dinner.
  • Instead of bringing in special treats to the nursing staff in the children’s ward, the whole nurses’ lounge has been erroneously destroyed by a demolition crew that went to the wrong floor.

Adventures & Challenges

Each neighborhood is an adventure, with a world issue impacting the lives of young people, waiting behind every door. Will the problem be solved, or will it fail miserably?

The girls win over cranky and cantankerous characters, and even learn a thing or two from individuals about how to make even the most challenging day into a success story.

Girl Pow-R Talent

Multi-ethnicity, this JUNO-nominated, all-girl pop rock band consists of very talented young girls ages 11 to 17, who create & sing original music, play instruments, as well as dance! 

Kalista … Children’s Hospitals

Aashika … Feeding the Homeless

Cassia … Humane Society 

Carina … Give Peace a Chance

Create Your Destiny

It’s the RIGHT TIME. Kids can change the world. And you can change the world by helping kids change.

Children, tweens and teens have the power. They can effect positive changes in themselves and their families. Think Greta Thunberg.

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